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During your weight management consultation with the doctor, you will be asked about your medical history and have some measurements taken:

  • Your age, gender, body measurements, lifestyle, and environmental factors that are relevant to metabolic and weight status
  • Your health history such as diabetes, heart, circulation, and medications you take.
  • Your family history such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, raised blood pressure.
  • Symptoms you have (if any) and any tests you may have had.

Based on your assessment and responses, the doctor will advise you about next steps. If blood tests are required, they can be taken after your consultation. Once the results are in, the doctor will advise you about how these affect your management.

The doctor will also include questions about Covid-19 risk, based on the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index. There is evidence of increased vulnerability of those with overweight and obesity to complications of COVID-19 as well as to many hormonal mediated diseases (such as breast cancer). Thus, it helps you make informed decisions and remain safe.