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Consultation and pricing for the Weight Loss Service

weight loss medication
The weight management service is highly personalized, and may not be suitable for all. I offer a free 30 minute virtual assessment to see whether the service could be of benefit to you.

Costs are quite variable over time, depending on the complexity of medical conditions, medication dosage, investigations required, and whether you are found to be a responder (determines how long you remain with the service). The following are some ball park figures, but I encourage you to take the free virtual assessment first.

If you wish to book a call, please send me the following information beforehand. I can make some relevant recommendations to you, and we can take it from there.

  • Your date of birth, height and weight – essential
  • Recent blood pressure – if available
  • all your prescriptions – the actual prescription slip, so I can see the drug, dosage etc. (For female patients: please don’t forget to include the contraceptive pill in your medication list)
  • blood tests if any that you had in the last year – the actual results/ values
  • Any history of thyroid disease, thyroid cancer, pancreatitis in you or a blood relative
  • Covid status including vaccination schedule

Initial consultation (cost from £200 to £400, depending on virtual/ in-person, and which components are required) includes all or part of the following:
A medical weight management consultation with Doctor qualified in Obesity prevention and management, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, including past and current medical state,

  • Interpretation of available lab results, metabolic risk and lifestyle.
  • Examination including BMI calculation and waist measurement
  • Blood tests to check kidney and liver function, HbA1c, thyroid function and cholesterol (in-person only – blood draw included, lab fees separate)
  • A starter pack, including your first weight loss pen and supervision administering your pen (in-person only)
  • A customised management plan
  • Follow-up with doctor in a fortnight to plan next steps.
  • Each month thereafter from £290 (excluding cold chain delivery – costs £20) of medications, virtual check-in with doctor, to check injection technique etc.

With the current pandemic situation I would not want you to take any risks if you could avoid it, so it may be best to have an initial consultation via my virtual consultation platform. If you need to have any blood tests done, then you would obviously need to come in for a clinic appointment, which would be kept COVID-secure.

Not sure if you will benefit from the weight management service?
If you are not a professional athlete or bodybuilder, then your BMI will usually be a reliable measure of whether your are at risk of conditions related to overweight and obesity. You can easily work out your BMI using this online calculator. This also takes your ethnicity into account.

Dr Aarti is registered with the Care Quality Commission, as this is a requirement for all doctors who provide weight loss services and carry out blood tests for patients in clinic.
This is a prerequisite for the safe assessment of your weight management needs, diagnosing conditions related to being overweight or obese (obstructive sleep apnoea for example), and for prescription of FDA and MHRA approved prescription medications for weight loss such as Saxenda (Liraglutide 3mg injections), for those patients who are found to be suitable for this following consultation.

Take home messages: There is no magic weight loss bullet. But lifestyle and behaviour change supported by medication where safe will enable you to take control of your weight and future health risk.

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