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Calculate your BMI and ethnicity-specific risk

Use the calculator below to understand your health risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes based on your ethnicity, BMI and waist circumference

BMI, Waist circumference and Ethnicity:

Health risks should be considered by taking both of these into account, in the context of your ethnicity (some of us have increased genetic predisposition to metabolic disease based on our ethnicity)

Body Mass Index
(BMI ranges are different for Asians)
Waist circumference (cm/inches)
<= 102/ 40" (Men);
<= 88/ 35" (Women)
Waist circumference (cm/inches)
> 102/ 40" (Men);
> 88/ 35" (Women)
BMI ranges are different for Asians <= 102/ 40" (Men)
<= 88/ 35" (Women)
> 102/ 40" (Men)
> 88/ 35" (Women)
<=18.5 (underweight)NO increased risk Increased risk of CVD
18.5 - 24.9 (healthy weight)NO increased risk Increased risk of CVD
25 - 29.9 (overweight)Increased risk High Risk
30 - 34.9 (Obesity grade I)High risk Very high risk
35 - 39.9 (Obesity grade II)Very high risk Very high risk
Over 40 (Morbid obesity)Extremely High Risk Extremely High Risk

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Handy BMI chart


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