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We all know that eating less and moving more is the key to weight loss. But, we also all know that hunger pangs all too often ruin our best intentions. It’s hard to get going and stay on track when your tummy is hungry and your mind is plagued with cravings. This is where prescription only weight loss medication, such as Saxenda®, can help. Similar to the natural occurring hormone GLP-1 that is released when you eat, Saxenda® active ingredient (liraglutide) acts on the appetite receptors in the brain to make you feel full much sooner after eating. This means you can eat much smaller portions without feeling hungry, helping you lose weight without the deprivation often felt on traditional diets.

After achieving your weight loss target, you may wish to stop medication, but many prefer to carry on with a low dose of the medication to continue to benefit from the appetite control and to maintain their weight. Saxenda® is safe for long term use.