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Lifestyle modification designed around you is the basis for any successful weight management programme. If you are found to have high risk measure of abdominal circumference (girth), body weight (BMI), weight reduction is essential. For this to work, ultimately, a calorie deficit is needed.
A personalised nutritional programme will help you to do this. Sometimes, prescription medication will help balance the hormones in your body that signal your appetite and fullness, helping you to maintain the calorie control.
Physical or psychological trauma and stress will predispose to “stress”-eating, and in such situations, it may help to assist your weight loss efforts with medication.
If you have a hormonal imbalance such as an underactive thyroid, it will help to treat this first, before attempting to start a weight loss programme. This is because you need normal levels of the thyroid hormone in your body in order to have a healthy metabolism, energy consumption and appetite
The thyroid hormone is vital to normal fat metabolism. Having inadequate thyroid function is often associated with abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.