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Private medical diagnosis and treatment

Being healthy is more than just not being ill. Let us take the time for an integrated approach to your health. Lets live better.

Medical Weight Management Service

Medical diet plans, Prescription weight loss treatment, Lifestyle modification

Private Diagnostic Testing

Private medical testing for an extensive range of medical conditions, blood tests, sampling, hormone levels, nutritional deficiency

Hormone and Nutritional Balance

Hormonal and Nutritional Assessment, Conventional and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy

Lifestyle, Weight Management and Hormones

Private Blood testing, Weight Loss Service, Hormone Replacement and Nutritional balance

“Many people have asked me why I chose to start a private GP service specialising in Medical Wellness and Lifestyle medicine. My answer is simple: I hate feeling tired, under the weather, ill or just generally out of sorts. There is so much to do in life and I want to feel well enough to grab opportunities with both hands! I want to know how I can feel better, how I can feel my best, but most importantly I want any changes I make for the purpose of improving my health to be medically signposted with proven results.”

Dr Narayan-Denning

Doctor GP, ourprivatedoctor.co.uk

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